Now that we’ve entered into the new year, we’d like to wish you all the best in 2019! 

Let’s take a moment to look back at our active, yet unique, 2018 market. 

Spring of 2018 saw a strong upsurge in activity—the busiest season in our market that I can remember. On the whole, this boom was generally characteristic of 2018’s market, and it led to a strong finish. 

However, we saw changes in the market, as well.  

As spring turned to summer, activity waned a little, which was likely due to an extremely strong market performance from the previous season and other factors typical of a market slowdown like kids being out of school, families going on vacation, etc. 

We came out of the summer plateau with another burst of activity as fall arrived—it was, again, as busy as I can remember. We appeared to be well on our way to repeating (or even topping) that earlier boom we experienced in the springtime. 

“Market activity rebounded, and we were busy again as 2018 came to a close.”

But then, disaster struck—Hurricane Michael reached our shores. Though it didn’t directly impact our area, it was definitely a catalyst for some changes in our market. The level of activity we saw throughout much of 2018 sunk a little from there. 

Despite all of that, our year actually ended on a high note; market activity rebounded, and we were busy again as 2018 came to a close. This bodes well for our market in the new year. 

We have a lot of people discovering our area for the first time, and with more people working remotely from home, there are great opportunities for our residential market.

Please reach out to us with any of your real estate concerns and questions. We’d love to make your real estate dreams a reality in 2019!